The Rive Income

Rive Income Strategy offers investors a customized, diversified portfolio with higher potential returns than typical fixed-income funds.

Rive Captial Advisors uses its proprietary targeting criteria to identify life settlement obligations of investment-grade insurance companies based on the investor’s specific criteria, including the desired return, cash flow, and time horizon.

Rive Captial Advisors leverages its team’s years of experience in risk management with an institutional focus on low correlated investments that deliver predictable results.

The Benefits of the Rive Income Strategy

  • Provides a fixed-income alternative that can help close the pension funding gap
  • Targeted payment trajectory provides accelerated cash flow compared to other fixed-income investments
  • The pension fund may benefit from a higher asset appraisal
  • As a low correlated asset, it’s largely immune from stock and bond market volatility
  • With increased returns, you reduce future required contributions
  • Our investment approach is long-term focused

Rive Income Strategy allows a pension plan to fully customize
cash flow to meet their needs.

Below is one example of how Pension Plans and Sponsors can utilize the returns generated by a RIVE Income Fund to help address their funding gap.

The Rive 100 Plan

Provides a Pension Plan the maximum cash flow benefits.

Cash flow Benefits

  • The plan may get up to 4x returns when compared to other fixed-income alternatives.
  • Low correlation to volatile equity, private equity, real estate, or commodities markets
  • The actuarially required contribution may decline based on targeted returns
  • May close the funding gap in an accelerated manner
  • Targeted cash flow may assist the plan with liability matching