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Investor Income Strategies

Bank BOLI Strategies

Many Investors, Pension Plans and Banks with BOLI are experiencing low fixed income returns. Low yields, increasing life expectancy and lack of liquidity are forcing investors to find new tools to address these challenges. Rive Capital Advisors has developed proprietary solutions that can turn the aging population demographic into an ADVANTAGE for your investment plan.

Rive Capital Advisors provides innovative, low-correlated investment strategies for investors, pension plans, sponsors, banks, and corporations. These solutions have been designed to capitalize on the growth of highly-rated life settlement policies available for acquisition in today’s market. Rive Capital Advisors has developed unique strategies that minimize volatility and risk for those seeking improved fixed-income results and liquidity in the current low-interest-rate environment. Rive Capital Advisors has created proprietary and patented solutions designed to deliver better performance and overall relief.

Rive Capital Advisors Strategies Include:

Rive Income

Rive can construct a fully-customized life settlement portfolio for clients seeking “non-correlated” fixed income-like returns. Our Rive Income Strategy is designed for pension plans, sponsors or corporations striving to close their funding gaps.

Rive Pension Premium Strip Strategy

Rive can construct a fully-customized life settlement strategy that takes advantage of its innovative patented process that splits a policy’s “premium” from the “asset”. Pension plans and sponsors can share in the cash flow generated.


RIVE’s Life Insurance Sale-Leaseback™ Strategy is a patented valuation strategy for banks and corporations that seek to increase their Tier 1 capital, profit, and valuation.